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Re: press at DebConf15

Hi Silvia,

this is great news; thanks a _lot_.

The short answers is that you more than welcome to invite any and all
journalists you can drum up interest from.

You have covered tech news outlets and tech-near-ish news outlets
rather well in your expanded list already; if we are reaching for the
stars, Deutsche Welle, ARD, WDR, the various state-level
news/tech/weird stations like Bayern 5 or BR Alpha etc etc would be
very nice as well.

We do have an interest to bring the topics of Free Software and
related to a non-technical audience as well. We just don't have the
contacts and, frankly, the time to really go after them.

Do those news outlets need anything from us? Maybe a press badge would
be useful in their eyes? Interview partners with dedicated time slots?
Maybe a reasonably quiet room to cut audio reports in?
No promises made, but if we know what they need, we can try and
accommodate them.

I did write a press release in German which should have been reviewed
by a professional journalist, but that never came to be. If you want,
I can send you that blurb for feedback and/or distribution.

Thanks once again,

On Wed, May 13, 2015 at 8:21 PM, Silvia Frank <silvia.c.frank@web.de> wrote:
> Hi publicity-/ DebConf press team,
> Since I am in touch with some of the German IT journalists anyway, I talked
> with some press contacts about DebConf15 and if they would like to attend. I
> got the following feedback:
> * Hans-Joachim Baader (co-founder and editor of prolinux): he wants to come,
> just has to check the dates, if it will be possible
> * Jan Kleinert (chief editor or Linux Magazin): Unfortunatly nobody from
> Linux Mag will come (because they are understaffed due to summer holidays
> during DebConf)
> * Oliver Diedrich (chief editor of Heise open/ c't): Heise is also quite
> thinly-staffed during the summer holidays, but potentially Micro Dölle from
> c't will come for one day to Heidelberg and maybe also someone from iX -
> they're scheduling the summer tasks of the editorial staff at the moment.
> Oliver Diedrich will let me know, as soon as they know if somebody can
> attend.
> In addition to our phone calls, I send all of them an email with the press
> contact details for DebConf15 as written here:
> http://debconf15.debconf.org/contact.xhtml
> * Jörg Thoma, golem: I just wrote an email
> Let me know, if there are other IT media in Germany (like for example
> Computerwoche or tecchannel....) which you think would be a good idea to
> invite to DebConf - maybe I'm already in touch with them and can make a
> quick call :-)
> Do you think, it would be a good idea to invite the IT-related journalists
> from taz, Süddeutsche and FAZ as well? Are there any local newspapers in
> Heidelberg and around, which could be interested in DebConf?
> I will be also for some days at DebConf in Heidelberg - looking very much
> forward to meet you all... ;-).
> Best,
> Silvia
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