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Re: Making Debian users more visible

[ I just noticed, that I  accidentally dropped publicity from the loop,
  sorry. So here for publicity. ]


Kåre Thor Olsen <kaare@nightcall.dk> wrote:
> If the people who did the previous audits have any tips or ideas, please let 
> us know.

yes, I have worked through the whole consultants list, and the overall
result was huge: 814 entries before and 410 after the cleanup.
So there was a heavy amount of outdated data there, don't know what it looks
like in your list.

My workflow was as follows:

I sent an e-mail to every consultant on the list, like this:



this mail is to check, if you are still an active Debian consultant,
and to ask, if your information on
are still valid.

Please take the time to check your entry in the following and sent me a 
mail with your answer:


Name: Christophe Lemaire
Company: exp-Networks sprl
Address: 5030 Ernage, Belgium
Phone: +32 497 73 00 47
Fax: +32 70 40 23 32
Email: info@exp-networks.be
URL: http://www.exp-networks.be/
Rates: Please contact us for pricing.


This is an easy chance to update some of your data or to remove your entry.

Please note, that if I receive no answer within the next 8 weeks, I
will delete your entry from the consultants list, as I want to bring the
list back to an up-to-date status. Sorry for this. 
That list is of not good use, if it contains old or invalid entries 
(as it is unfortunately at the moment). Thus every consultant gets such
a mail these days.

Thanks again for taking the time



If a mail bounced (because of no longer existing domain, mail address
oder the like) or if I got no answer within about 2 months, I have deleted
the entry.

My main problem was, that my mails were partly dropped, because my mail 
provider was (temporary?) listed on antispam blacklists. This was often
the case for South-America.
So you may need different mail accounts from different providers, to come
around such cases.


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