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Re: Making Debian users more visible


Le 14/07/2014 16:50, Kåre Thor Olsen a écrit :
> On Monday 14 July 2014 13:50:44 Donald Norwood wrote:

>> If needed a
>> followup to a company or individual can be sent to see if they are still
>> using Debian. As the section becomes more prominent and new testimonials
>> arrive those can be dated.
> Some years ago, a couple of people from the webteam pinged everyone having 
> submitted an entry, and updated/removed entries as the replies arrived.  It 
> would be great to have someone do this in an organised manner.

Seems like the needed first step before considering to put more light
into this section: making stuff more visible, when we know some of them
are outdated for years, may not worth the effort (it may rather send the
wrong signal).

As one of the last person who tried to update the oldest entries, I’d be
very happy to see something more organized around it. The scripts I used
should be in CVS, and we’ve add a few mails on debian-www the last time
we started working on that, but I’d be happy to provide more guidance to
motivated people if needed.



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