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Re: DPN 2014/08 frozen. Please review and translate.

Hi again

El 09/05/14 18:46, martin f krafft escribió:
also sprach Laura Arjona Reina <larjona99@gmail.com> [2014-05-09 18:28 +0200]:
Debconf15 will take place in Heilderberg (Germany). The organization team
met on May 3rd to kick off the organisation of DebConf15. A blog post with
details about the venue and minutes of the meeting are available [1][2].

[1] http://blog.debconf.org/blog/debconf15/2014-05-09_dc15_kicked_off.dc
[2] https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/Minutes/2014-05-03

Thank you very much for doing this, Laura!

My suggested changes:
   s/venue/prospective &/

Thank you

This is my 2nd proposal, with suggested fixes. I think it can be included as first topic in "Other news", I'm not committing myself because DPN is frozen; if it's better to leave it for next DPN, I'll follow the activity of DC15 and propose an (updated) news for next DPN.

DebConf15 will take place in Heidelberg (Germany). The organization team
met on May 3rd, 2014 to kick off the organisation of DebConf15. A <a href="http://blog.debconf.org/blog/debconf15/2014-05-09_dc15_kicked_off.dc";>blog post</a> with details about the prospective venue and <a href="https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf15/Germany/Minutes/2014-05-03";>minutes of the meeting</a> are available.

Laura Arjona

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