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Aw: Do we want to translate bits.d.o?


> Von: "Ana Guerrero Lopez" <ana@debian.org>

> I thought about this a few days before replying.
> On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 12:13:06AM +0100, Thomas Vincent wrote:
> > Hello publicity team,
> > 
> > I think bits.d.o is great but blog posts are currently only in english.
> > Would it be possible to provide translated versions of blog posts as well?
> > If so, I volunteer to help with french translations. :)
> Technically, the software used in bits.d.o allows publication of articles 
> in multiple languages. I don't know how it works and if the result is good
> enough. But I'd say that technically is possible after putting some work.
> Now, from a non technical angle, do we want to translate the posts published
> in bits.d.o? I think it depends on the public we're aiming to reach. From
> my point the blog is oriented to the contributors of Debian, the Debian
> power users and the media who reports about our project and look for some
> source to link, e.g [1]. From here, small communities and localized media
> pick up the news, translate and comment them.
> Also, the posts in bits.d.o tend to use a clear language and the posts
> are not very long (except those posts who are a re-post). So I feel they're
> not very hard to read for somebody whose knowledge of English doesn't
> go further that the English taught at school.
> The media we have aimed to all end users and should always be translated
> are the press releases. There we announce, new releases, updates,
> messages of support ending and important decisions affecting end users
> who don't follow Debian's Development.
> This is not a final or closed opinion. I'd like some feedback about this
> because I feel it's also linked to another discussion we should have:
> how we should organize all the press/publicity/advertisement media
> in Debian more effectively [2]


That said, there _may_ be bits and pieces that are of interest to be available
in other languages. If so - individuals proficient in both languages could
possibly be invited to perform the translation. I would go as far as to offer
the translator to remain non-anonymous and be offered to have a hyperlink 
shown with their ID. Admittedly, I have no idea about how to implement that.

Translations do no damage, unless those delay the appearance of the post
or disallow to correct it at some point.


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