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Re: DPN 2014/05 frozen. Please review and translate.

Hi Stephan,

On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 09:43:53PM +0000, Stephan Beck wrote:
> Hello Cédric,

> I am going to review (once again) and translate the current issue into German,
> but I am not going to start until tomorrow (with the revision) because I need a
> break :-)

Great, thank you very much.

> If you don't mind I'd like to join the redaction team, though I am no
> native speaker, but my level is quite high.  By the way, is the new
> DD's name actually spelled the way you did? Please confirm.

You are more than welcome to join the small team of editors. I *really*
need some help to edit the DPN. If all goes well, the next issue will be
scheduled on March 31st. We can start editing any time (I'll open the
file for the 2014/06 issue tommorrow), but most of the recurrent data
(new packages, wwnp, dsa, etc...) are rather filled on Friday before the

About the name of the DD, it is how his name is written in his
application on nm.debian.org. I am contacting him to see if it is indeed
the spelling that should be used.


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