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Re: DPN 2014/03 frozen. Please review and translate.

Dear Stephan,

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 11:18:38PM +0100, Stephan Beck wrote:
> Hi Cédric,

> I saw your message on the i18n-list, and I'm interested in translating
> the DPN into German. (As you asked readers to reply to the
> publicity-list, I send it there). I scanned through the dpn language
> directories and learned that, apparently, the last German translation
> dates from quite a long time ago. Am I right, am I wrong? I've
> downloaded the .wml file to be translated and read the hints on
> translating the PN.

According to the website CVS repository, the last german translation of
the DPN was in 2010. So yes, it has been quite a long time without
german DPN.

> I had been working as a professional translator for some years, but
> now I do it just for pleasure, i.e. for the sake of a community
> project like Debian. Please tell me if that's ok for you and what the
> timeline/deadline is.
> And please tell me if you need any further information about me.

That would be great if you can provide such translations.
We (try to) have a new issue released every two weeks. It is often
ready on Friday night (european time), at least that is what we aim for.
And it is published on the next monday, which leaves some time for
review and translation.
If you can prepare the translation and have it reviewed by the
debian-l10n-german@ mailing list by monday, and commit it in the
publicity SVN repository, I will happily publish it together with the
english and french version. Ask to join the publicity group on Alioth.


You can also try to see (maybe with debian-l10n-german?) if a text
version could be sent to the debian-news-german mailing list (there is a
script DPNhtml2mail.pl wich can produce the text version from the one on
the website).

There are detailed instruction on the wiki for contributors:

If you want to translate older issue, you can
certainly ask the Debian webmasters for a commit access
to publish them directly on the website.

> I'd like to contribute to the PN by gathering information as well, but
> I think the best way to start is to translate the PN first.

Great! There is never enough manpower. Feel free to propose topics and
write paragraphs whenever you feel ready.



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