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Re: Debian real-time communication (RTC) project - SIP

On 20/01/14 23:00, Geert Stappers wrote:
> Hello Debian Project News people,
> This e-mail is to get more attention
> on the debian-devel-announce@l.d.o. posting
>  https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2014/01/msg00004.html
> Daniel Pocock extended the siprepo code to do federation secured by TLS
> And the DSA team ingeterate the TURN with the Debian identification system.
> So now it is possible to recieve calls and make calls to other domains
> with a @debian.org address. This makes it possible to make voice calls
> to and from the Debian community.
> In https://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2014/01/msg00067.html
> says Zack about the announce:
>  Project-wide SIP is good for development reasons (voice talking could be
>  way more efficient than emails at times), that it is good for social
>  reasons (it could help in smoothing conflicts), and that it is good for
>  political reasons (it promotes federated ways of communicating).
> It would be nice if this milestone gets coverage in Debian Weekly News.

Here are some extra points that may be useful, feel free to add any of
them in the final text that you create

Some keywords: SIP, VoIP, RTC, WebRTC, federation, JSCommunicator, Jitsi

- very important: we want other projects (including derivatives) to
emulate what we are doing so we can all call each other, they can call
us, etc

- it is a service for Debian Developers (not the general public, end
users, etc)

- it is built using packages in Debian itself

- launched at mini-DebConf Paris, January 2014

- it works with a diverse range of traditional softphones, including
Empathy, Jitsi, Lumicall, Linphone, CSIPSimple

- it works with soft PBXes (Asterisk and FreeSWITCH) run by developers
(DSA will not run that centrally)

- it works with WebRTC clients (such as JSCommunicator)

- the actual interoperability between any two clients is not guaranteed,
that is a matter for the upstream developers of client software/softphones

- it will hopefully encourage developers to try more of the RTC clients
in Debian before the release of jessie, improving the quality of Debian
as a platform for real-time communications

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