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Re: Debian identi.ca account/group after migration to pump.io

Hi again

2013/10/15 Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org>:
> Thanks for the summary.
> I probably won't have time to work on this so it isn't really up to me
> how this happens but...

Thanks for your time on this!

> Live denting is something we can solve using commit hooks, I've
> written those for webwml CVS and git repositories before. Until those
> are in place we can indeed use network-specific interfaces as you
> suggest.

I could put workforce on this but I've never done it before, so I
would need a link to "already done" hooks so I can study and learn, or
some guidance by other person.
OTOH, PyPump is already in testing, so I think these kind of things
(post to pump.io instance in many ways) are becoming easy.

> We should send our posts to as many social networks as possible and
> promote only those that are FLOSS friendly on debian.o. Before
> identi.ca migrated from StatusNet to pump.io, we did have bridges from
> identi.ca/debian to Twitter, Facebook and perhaps Google+ not sure.
> I agree interaction with people on social networks is to very specific
> to each network. It would be great if you could handle that for
> StatusNet. Hopefully we can recruit others for pump.io and other
> networks.

I proposed to merge both Debian groups at StatusNet, but it's not
trivial, and anyway, I found a way for posting to both groups at the
same time.
If there's no voice against it (in, let's say, a week), I'll create a
"non-official" account at quitter.se and a brdcst.it bridge from the
RSS of pump.io to the quitter account, and the RSS of Debian news and
planet to the quitter account. This would leave the StatusNet universe
in the same conditions as the twitter universe, by now.

> I would prefer for short messages to be sent to www.debian.org and
> then be propagated from there to external social networks, rather than
> posted to external social networks first and then backed up on a
> debian.org machine.

This I think I didn't understand very well.
If that www.debian.org place is public, and it has RSS feed, we can
post automatically to identi.ca with brdcst.it each 30 minutes (not
more frequently, I'm afraid, but less frequently is possible).
If by "sent to www.debian.org" you mean a commit to the web CVS
repository, I don't know how this could be done, but probably it can
be done too (with the commit hooks you mentioned before).

> I would prefer us to use packaged software on debian.org hosts to push
> to external social networks rather than relying on external network
> services for that.

I agree. I'll study the new scenario now that Pypump is in testing.

> Probably the way forward is to do things in a less optimal way since
> it is easier and improve the state of things over time. So if you want
> to go ahead with your plan, please do. It would be great if we could
> move in the directions I've suggested in the future though.

I agree. If we want to use the brdcst.it service for the @debian
account in identi.ca (until we find a better solution):

* I can send an invitation, but I need to know to which email address
(ideally, a person knowing the @debian password at identi.ca)
* That person would accept the invitation and login to brdcst.it
* Brdcst.it does not create accounts for login, and it's not possible
to login with the identi.ca account (broken!). It allows to login
with: OpenID, MyOpenID, Mozilla Persona, Launchpad, several non-free
services (google, facebook, twitter...). But you can login with one
account and manage the bridges for another account (for example, I
login with my Google mail, and later I manage my identi.ca/quitter.se
accounts to setup bridges). So if Debian, institutionally, has no
account to login, but the person that handles the @debian identi.ca
account has, the bridge can be done (I know it's not good this way,
but in any case, it's a transitional solution...)


Laura Arjona

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> bye,
> pabs
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