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Re: Debian identi.ca account/group after migration to pump.io

Thanks for the summary.

I probably won't have time to work on this so it isn't really up to me
how this happens but...

Live denting is something we can solve using commit hooks, I've
written those for webwml CVS and git repositories before. Until those
are in place we can indeed use network-specific interfaces as you

We should send our posts to as many social networks as possible and
promote only those that are FLOSS friendly on debian.o. Before
identi.ca migrated from StatusNet to pump.io, we did have bridges from
identi.ca/debian to Twitter, Facebook and perhaps Google+ not sure.

I agree interaction with people on social networks is to very specific
to each network. It would be great if you could handle that for
StatusNet. Hopefully we can recruit others for pump.io and other

I would prefer our short messages to be social network agnostic, so
this means our source format has to cope with networks with length
restrictions and different social conventions. For example on Facebook
people often found the @ and ! symbols propagated from identica to be

I would prefer for short messages to be sent to www.debian.org and
then be propagated from there to external social networks, rather than
posted to external social networks first and then backed up on a
debian.org machine.

I would prefer us to use packaged software on debian.org hosts to push
to external social networks rather than relying on external network
services for that.

Probably the way forward is to do things in a less optimal way since
it is easier and improve the state of things over time. So if you want
to go ahead with your plan, please do. It would be great if we could
move in the directions I've suggested in the future though.



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