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update/status of timeline for releasing Debian Edu Wheezy


to give everybody an update where we stand:

On Montag, 16. September 2013, Holger Levsen wrote:
> If major  bugs are found due to tests of beta2 we quite likely will need to
> cancel this timeline, fix the bug and do a new timeline. I hope we wont
> need that....

so far no new bugs have been found, please keep testing the beta2 images!
> Timeline, starting now:
> now: update the wiki to reflect a release on Sat, 2013-09-21
> once thats done: call for translation updates for d-e-doc til wednesday UTC
> evening
> tuesday: upload d-e-install with updated version string for the release
> tuesday: start drafting the release announcement
> wednesday: work on the release announcement

this has happened, though the release announcement is not done yet.

Giorgio, can we use this as quote for the announcement:

Giorgio Pioda, who is using Debian Edu in schools in Italy (where exactly? in 
what function) says: "I can report that I'm on production with Debian Edu 
Wheezy since mid august and it works rock solid, we are using it every day."

> thursday UTC morning: finish the release announcement, call for
> translations for it (deadline: friday UTC evening)

this still needs to happen and I wont be able to finish before (UTC) midnight 
today. Help with the announcement is still very welcome, look for FIXMEs in 

> thursday UTC morning: upload d-e-doc with updated translations

David said he would do this today, we still lack updates for Danish and 
Italian though. (But those could also be added a week after the release via a 
regular update.)

> thursday: move d-e-doc and d-e-install from wheezy-test to wheezy, build
> final images

will do that tonite.

> thursday: copy those final isos away, do final tests of them
> friday: more testing and translations
> saturday: announce Debian Edu Wheezy 7.1+edu0 \o/

These are still on track :)


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