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timeline for releasing Debian Edu Wheezy


as everybody agreed that we are ready to release, I plan to do the release 
with the following timeline. I'll definitly need help with writing the 
announcement, so if some publicity folks or anybody else could jump in, that 
would be most awesome.

If major  bugs are found due to tests of beta2 we quite likely will need to 
cancel this timeline, fix the bug and do a new timeline. I hope we wont need 

Timeline, starting now:

now: update the wiki to reflect a release on Sat, 2013-09-21
once thats done: call for translation updates for d-e-doc til wednesday UTC 
tuesday: upload d-e-install with updated version string for the release
tuesday: start drafting the release announcement
wednesday: work on the release announcement
thursday UTC morning: finish the release announcement, call for translations 
for it (deadline: friday UTC evening)
thursday UTC morning: upload d-e-doc with updated translations
thursday: move d-e-doc and d-e-install from wheezy-test to wheezy, build final 
thursday: copy those final isos away, do final tests of them
friday: more testing and translations
saturday: announce Debian Edu Wheezy 7.1+edu0 \o/

I know this is a pretty short timeline, but... we should release this year ;-D 
And the biggest work needed is writing the announcement and translating it, 
IOW, things were we can reuse last years works partly. As I see it, this is 
totally doable and I'd like to see this happen.

Please help to make this happen!


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