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Re: Enlarging the Debian Planetarium

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:

>> I'd guess it may be due to servers hosted on education networks, but
>> ac.uk seem to have gone more commercial over time, so do any we use
>> still have such restrictions?
> I'm not even sure that was part of the original reasoning. But it's indeed
> a possibility. But the kind of commercial activity that might create
> trouble is definitely not syndicating blog posts on planet.debian.org.
> I'm ccing James Troup who was part of the DSA team at that time. Maybe
> he can shed some light on this, on what was the intent behind the
> non-commercial clause in the DMUP.

Sorry this was several years ago and, as a result, I can't accurately
recall the specifics.  FWIW, I don't remember any specific incident
that was a driving force for a 'no commercial' use restriction.

But I do know that a) at the time, a lot of the people hosting
debian.org servers did so with the expectation that they were doing so
for the benefit of Debian and not the commercial gain of any
particular Debian developer and b) the DMUP was largely inspired by
(aka a cut'n'paste mashup of) a lot of other people's machine usage
policies which (e.g. for Universities) would often include 'no
commercial use' terms.


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