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FW: bits from the DPL - May 2013

I know that bits from the DPL are mentioned anyway in the DPN, but I 
think this item in particular deserves more visibility.

----- Forwarded message from Lucas Nussbaum <leader@debian.org> -----

> expiration of debian-multimedia.org
> ===================================
> debian-multimedia.org was an unofficial, popular repository of Debian 
> packages. After a discussion last year, the service moved to another domain.
> Debian offered to cover costs for the transfer of the debian-multimedia.org 
> domain to prevent it from expiring and falling into a domain squatter's hands 
> (or worse).  Unfortunately, the debian-multimedia.org maintainer decided not
> to cooperate with Debian, and let the domain expire. The domain has now 
> apparently been registered again by someone unknown to Debian (TTBOMK).
> This is a good example of the importance of the use of cryptography to secure 
> APT repositories (and of the importance of not blindly adding keys).

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