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[RFR and translations] "Eaton donates hardware to Debian's infrastructure"

[please reply on -publicity mailing list]

Hi all,

with the help of Martin Zobel-Helas, we just finalised a
press release about an important donation made by Eaton
to the Debian project.

The announcement is to be published next Thursday (21th):
I'd really appreciate reviews and translations.

You can find it attached to this mail.

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<a href="http://www.eaton.com";>Eaton</a>, a 
global technology leader in electrical products and long time
Debian partner, has donated several large-capacity 
uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and 
intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) for Debian's
core infrastructure located in Darmstadt, Germany and
Vienna, Austria.

<q>Not only do we, at Eaton, strongly back the principle
of freely available open source software, we are also
finding that our customers increasingly prefer to work with
open source packages, especially with Linux and related
systems,</q> said Arnaud Quette, Eaton Opensource Solutions
Lead and Debian Developer.

<q>Most Debian porter machines and Debian auto-builder
machines are not equipped with out of band management access
or remote power control.
Eaton's donation gives us this capability, significantly
improving our ability to operate our infrastructure
efficiently and effectively, without having to disturb the
staff of our hosting partners. We are very appreciative of
this generous donation,</q> said Martin Zobel-Helas, member
of the Debian System Administration team.

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