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Re: DPN 2013/05 frozen. Please review and translate.

Le 2013-03-01 20:11, David Prévot a écrit :
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(please reply on -publicity list)

Hi all,

Francesca and Cédric have finished the last bits of the new issue of DPN
to be released Monday. We would appreciate reviews and translations.

Instructions are available on the wiki:

As usual, the last updated version is available on the publicity
Subversion repository, even via HTTP:

Thank you David and everyone. Here are my remarks:

Wookey announced the
<a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2013/02/msg00413.html";>availability
of the arm64 image</a>. This is the culmination of a
three year long effort to make Debian bootstrappable, which has been
used for the first time on the port to the 64-bit ARMv8
architecture. Whilst it should be considered alpha-grade for now, it
represents a great achievement:<q>all these packages were cross-built on
raring, untangling cyclic dependencies with build profiles making this the first
(non x86) self-bootstrapped Debian port ever</q>, explained Wookey.

It's unclear what "raring" means here. "raring" is also an English word. We should either use a different font or remove it (by ellipsing "on raring").

Niels Thykier, release team member, noticed that the
<a href="http://nthykier.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/wheezy-release-progress-february/";>current
pace of<acronym title="Release-Critical">RC</acronym>  bug fixes
is slowing down</a>, with only 1.1 RC bugs fixed a day since
<a href="http://nthykier.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/wheezy-release-progress-january/";>his
last report</a>.

Although the quoted material uses the "1.1 RC bugs fixed a day" language, this is far from exact. The number is actually the average reduction of reported RC bugs. This number may reduce not just with fixes, but with simple migrations or removals (or even mere downgrades). On the other hand, there could have been more than 1.1 RC bugs fixed a day if reports of RC bugs were opened (or upgraded) in the period. The next paragraph in the source does hint at this simplification ("Unfortunately, we do not appear to be fixing bugs faster than we are reporting them at the moment.") but our paragraph doesn't. Without a list of the RC bugs opened/upgraded during the period, it's hard to even confirm that the decrease in the reduction rate is meaningful.

March, 16-17, Chemnitz, Germany — Debian booth at the<a href="$(HOME)/events/2013/0316-linuxtage-chemnitz">15th Chemnitzer Linux-Tage</a>
I would remove the first comma.

<rcstatslink release="Wheezy"
	tobefixed="69" />

According to our source, there are actually 105 tobefixed :-(

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