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Re: call for merchandise on -news (?)


just added the draft to the repository: you can find it here


I've used Stefano's draft and added Moray's fixes. 

The title is provisional, as I agree with Moray that it's quite terrible
:). If someone can propose a better one, I'll be eternally grateful.

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 10:18:28PM +0000, Moray Allan wrote:
> On 2013-02-20 22:14, Moray Allan wrote:
> >It doesn't seem accurate to say that we encourage use "for all
> >purposes" -- that would include e.g. using the Debian logo to
> >identify
> >some other distribution that's not Debian.  Perhaps something like
> >"encourages wide use of its marks", or just remove this clause?
> Or revert to something like "The Debian Project encourages wide use
> of its marks in all ways that promote Debian and free software."

I used this phrase, seems the better one.

Thanks all for the reviews, I'm still not sure when we'll publish it,
I'll ask for translations a couple of days before the release date, as
usual. For further changes (typo fixes, a better title, URL fixes, events
team quote) feel free to commit directly!

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