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Re: DPN 02/2013 frozen. Please review and translate.

Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> If we want to call the team as it calls itself, I'd suggest using
> the official capitalization ("Debian Kernel Team"), using quotes or
> using italics.

The wiki page and so on are "Debian Kernel", so I'm not convinced it
needs caps on Team.  Note also the reference in the previous para to
"the Debian Med team" (and to Debian Med).

>> "3.2.y" is strange, I'll agree, but it's the name of the git tree as
>> mentioned in the postings... 3.2 would certainly be clearer if it's
>> true, but I've been treading carefully.
> Hum, I didn't know upstream used "3.2.y", and I don't know if that's
> an official name, but I think anyway it would be best to stay as
> simple as possible - as long as it's equally precise.

If I could be confident it was equally precise I wouldn't need to be
careful.  Besides, we go on to draw a distinction between this and
"mainline" 3.2.

>>  [...] about the additional features not featured in mainline 3.2 that will
>>  be included in the Linux kernel to be shipped with the next Debian stable.
> I agree. Great (except maybe "features not featured"? "features
> missing from" instead?).

Oh, yes, thanks.  And I'll parenthesise it.
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