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Re: RC-stats paragraph on DPN

On Lu, 12 nov 12, 15:21:07, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> As you probably know, DPN is frozen on Friday night and published on Monday
> morning. This means that sometimes the number of RC-bugs on the paragraph
> are not precise. So, here the question: do we prefer to have a link to
> a blogpost (Richard's one) providing a detailed analysis of the numbers
> (which are slightly inaccurate at the moment of DPN publication) or we
> prefer to use directly udd queries (ie: means more accurate numbers, as
> we can add them last minute, but not detailed analysis of them)?

I don't see a problem in posting older numbers if this is clear from the 
text and a link to the UDD query is provided for those who want to see 
the current number.

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