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Re: Possible noteworthy packages

begin  quotation  from David Prévot (in <[🔎] 50625D93.3030508@debian.org>):
> Le 25/09/2012 21:10, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh a écrit :
> > Sure.  BTW, I just got a grave bug on intel-microcode, so it is best to hold
> > any announcements of the packages until I figure out what whet wrong.
> No need to continue this thread here anyway: the ???New and noteworthy
> packages??? section is about *new* packages (i.e. added to the archive in
> the last two weeks, not in the last few months or years) in Debian (main).

This is not as I read it - the case you argue is the typical case. But at
least some years before there also were packages with important changes.


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