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Re: Possible noteworthy packages

On Mon, 24 Sep 2012, Luca Capello wrote:
> On Sun, 23 Sep 2012 15:11:54 +0200, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> > I nominate the following packages to be listed in the "noteworthy packages"
> > section of the next DPN:
> +1, however...
> > amd64-microcode: Processor microcode firmware for AMD CPUs    (non-free)
> > intel-microcode: Processor microcode data file for Intel CPUs (non-free)
> > iucode-tool: Intel processor microcode tool                   (contrib)
> ...I find a bit strange that we have firmware-*, fonts-*, etc. packages
> but in this case it is the other way around and not microcode-*.  Is
> there any specific reason for this?

Yes, about 10 years of precedence due to "intel-microcode" (yes, it is that
old, and yet most people still don't know it exists...)

The firmware-* packages actually have some assumptions on how they operate
and interact with the installer, which the *-microcode packages do not
follow (and might not be able to follow in some cases).

This is likely to be addressed post-Wheezy, but it is a bit more involved
than just renaming the packages.

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  Henrique Holschuh

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