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Re: a different workflow for DPN?

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 11:44 AM, Paul Wise wrote:

> Do you have any opinion on my proposed structure for dpn translations?
> Which do you prefer?
> dpn/template.wml dpn/current.wml dpn/template.XX.wml dpn/current.XX.wml
> dpn/template.XX.wml dpn/current.XX.wml
> dpn/template.wml dpn/current.wml dpn/XX/template.wml dpn/XX/current.wml

After some discussion on IRC, I realise we need a different structure
here. We specifically need to get rid of "current" and instead use
dpn/YYYY-NN.LL.wml or maybe dpn/LL/YYYY-NN.wml. This way translators
can be behind and we will know exactly which ones are missing instead
of having to guess what "current" means in the context of that



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