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Re: a different workflow for DPN?

On Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 1:04 AM, Francesca Ciceri wrote:

> I'm trying to thinking about the cons of adopting your proposal, but
> honestly I can't find them.

Thanks for the ack :)

Do you have any opinion on my proposed structure for dpn translations?
Which do you prefer?

dpn/template.wml dpn/current.wml dpn/template.XX.wml dpn/current.XX.wml

dpn/template.XX.wml dpn/current.XX.wml

dpn/template.wml dpn/current.wml dpn/XX/template.wml dpn/XX/current.wml

> My only doubt is that this way, DPN translators will need the webwml
> checkout (which is a bit overkill) to translate past issues, but I guess
> that a partial checkout would work well enough.

They will need webwml anyway to get the translation published, putting
it in the publicity repository just introduces more duplication.

> About the script to automate publication: by all means *yes*, please feel
> free to do it. Note that we already have (thanks to Thomas Blein!) a
> script to convert DPN to email, but not the check-the-result and
> load-into-MUA part.

Will try to do that, will focus on auditing the repository contents
first though. For example I found one zh_CN translation that is not
yet in webwml, so I need to manually check everything before removing
old translations.

> About your last point: I don't think this is a good idea, as we may not
> want to grant webwml write access to people who occasionally contribute
> to DPN.


I also note that we have a bunch of content duplicated on the wiki:




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