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Talk and debate â??What is the Debian Project?â?? with the students of ULBRA Guaiba, RS, Brasil

Please make the needed corrections, editions to the text below for DPN and
events page.

Talk and debate “What is the Debian Project?” with the students of ULBRA Guaiba,
RS, Brasil

The south brazilian local Debian user group http://www.debian-rs.org is
promoting talk and debate “What is the Debian Project?” with the students of
ULBRA Guaiba University  http://www.ulbra.br/guaiba and local high schools
invited by the university.

    Event URL:
    Address: BR 116, 5724 Bairro: Morada da Colina Cep: 92500-000 – Guaíba/RS,
Brasil. Multimedia room 225.
    When: august, 24, 2012. 19h to 20h.

The debate topics:

    Is not the Debian Project a company? How is it working for the last 19 years?
    What is the user profile of the Debian distributions and versions?
    How could I get technical support?
    How could I collaborate and participate?
    The Debian Project makes available many softwares and operational systems
beyond Linux.
    Questions and answers

Follow the updated details at the event page

This event is restricted to students, teachers  and guests of ULBRA Guaiba
university and invited high schools

Your RS brazilian institution can also invite the Debian-RS for lectures, talks
and debates about Debian Project and free libre software.

The topics could be modified to the interests of your institution participants.

Contact our group using our discussion list, discussion forum, or  activity
mural of http://www.debian-rs.org


Andre Felipe Machado
ZFS part 4: multithreaded sustained random small files synchronous write IOPS

On 07/Sep/2012 13:44 Francesca Ciceri  wrote ..
> Hi Andre,
> On Fri, Sep 07, 2012 at 10:49:53AM -0300, Andre Felipe Machado wrote:
> > Hello,
> > Our local debian user group (http://www.debian-rs.org) is actively promoting
> and
> > conducting lectures and debates at educational institutions.
> > We emphasize the debates, trying to reach potential collaborators.
> >
> > Soo we will try to contact other kinds of institutions, for focused talks.
> Well done! These initiatives are really important for the Debian
> ecosystem.
> >
> > This kind of small focused events are of interest for publishing at DPN and or
> > d.o/events?
> >
> Sure, we'd like to publish events on the specific section of DPN: feel
> free to drop a mail to this list (and cc-ing events@debian.org) when you
> want to promote a talk/worshop/debate/whatever. Please note that - as DPN
> is published bi-weekly - the sooner you let us know about the event, the
> better!
> Cheers,
> Francesca

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