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Re: Master Thesis: "Translations in Libre Software”

2012/6/28 Fernando C. Estrada <fcestrada@fcestrada.com>:

> Laura presented her Master Thesis "Translations in Libre Software" [1]
> recently (congrats!), and of course many aspects of Debian are included,
> like a case study about translations projects and teams in Debian,
> another one about "The Debian Administration Handbook", an interview
> with a member of the l10n-spanish team (Javier Taravilla), libre
> software tools, and more.

Congrats , Very well written . Having done some localisation and
participated in some localisation workshops , I have seen some books
on localisation. The presentation is very neat and ofcourse as a
thesis the sources are well attributed .

> Laura started to contribute in the spam cleaning efforts (women and
> spanish), and she plans to help us in the l10n-spanish team soon. Her
> final words in the previous message: "The more I see of this community,
> I like and wonder".

Nice . Wishing her all the best .

@debian-pub : cant there be a piece on this thesis ?


pavithran sakamuri

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