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Commit access to the publicity repository (Was: "Request for test of d-i beta1" announcement, please review and translate)

Le 11/08/2012 07:20, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl a écrit :
> Am 11.08.2012 13:04, schrieb DebianIgnatz@gmx.de:
> Funny coincidence.  These days I don't happen to have much time these
> days for Debian, and just sat down to grant you write access again

Done. I don't understand German well enough to figure out the issue of
the discussion in the d-l10n-german, but trust you'll do your best.

German, Spanish and French translators are used to provide News
translations in time for being published in sync with the English
version. The Spanish and French ones are usually on IRC, that allow us
to ACK if the translation has been reviewed before a press officer put
it online, maybe could we use a comment in the file to indicate the
status, e.g. [translating|reviewing|ready] as we use [open for
edit|frozen|sent] in the English draft of the DPN?



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