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Special plans for Debian Birthday

[cc-ing debian-www as maybe we can organize something special for the
website as well]

Hi all,

as you probably know, August 16th will be Debian's 19th birthday. As
every year we'd like to encourage users to organize Debian Birthday
parties [1] as well as submit us thoughts and thanks about Debian.  On
the publicity IRC chan we had a bit of brainstorming about special plans
for that day.

In order to spread the word and help people organize and attend parties
all around the world, we'd thought about a press release explaining how
to organize and promote them. Victor volunteered to work on it (many
thanks!): if you want to help, here's the pad where we'll draft it [2].

If I'm not wrong, the last two years Valessio Brito and others worked on
a website where people could post pictures about Debian parties and so on
@Valessio: Can we have it again this year? Is it still up and

If I remember correctly we also have, a couple of years ago, some sort of
baloons on www.d.o homepage, created by Stephen Marron (who kindly
provided me the link to the code of them).
@debian-www: what do you think about it? would that be too much trouble
to add them to the homepage for the Debian Birthday?

As last year would be great to promote the use of the #thxdebian hashtag
on identi.ca and twitter.
In addition, we thought about asking Debian Developers and contributors to
blog about their first experiences with Debian and/or their memories of
early Debian days (this would be particularly good IMO). And maybe we
could stretch the blogging-for-debian-birthday period to - let's say - a
week, to give people the time to do it :).

So, what do you think about it? Any other idea? 


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianDay/2012 
[2] http://titanpad.com/6yMAqBhQxM
[3] http://thank-you.debian.net/

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