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DebConf13 Logo Contest: final round voting

Hi there!

M-F-T and R-T set to debconf-team@, given that I think this decision
deserves more publicity than debconf13-localteam@, feel free to revert

We are now in the final round voting for the DebConf13 Logo Contest.
Thanks to all submitters for the 38 proposals: in the past weeks we went
down from this number to 10: it is now the time to choose the winner
within these latter.

The voting period will end on 20120801T23:59+0200, i.e. on Aug 1 at
23:59 Swiss time.  Given that Aug 1 is the Swiss National Day, the
DebConf13 logo will get national compliments ;-)

The voting procedure is very simple: please add your vote (and comments,
in case) in the last column on the "Second Round" section on the
wikipage below.  To ease counting, please add one vote per line, as it
was done in the first round.

Here is the voting wikipage:


Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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