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Re: Debian joins OSI announcement ready. Please review and translate.

Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@debian.org>
> MJ, Holger: as DD you have wr access on publicity repo. Please feel free
> to directly fix the draft: the deadline is tomorrow and I'm quite busy at
> the moment.

I'm quite busy too, so I only just saw this email, guessed that 
is probably the instructions and tried it, but discovered there
seems to be some problem with my ssh key so I don't have rw access.

Then I connected to #publicity and was told that the announcement was
already sent, including these inaccuracies, although I hadn't yet seen
it on any -announce list.  So someone had enough time to send it, but
not enough time to make the simple edits to acknowledge Ian Murdock
and so on.

That was an annoying waste of my time. :-(

At least it let me know something's wrong with my ssh key.

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