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Re: Questions about Debian materials/topics for NorthEastLinuxFest

> > installer, but we also have already working solutions (e.g. blends)
> > for a field-specific representation of Debian.
> In the ideal world that would be the case, but we don't live in an ideal world.

"we" might not -- but I do:
it is

> Bringing derivatives closer to Debian is one of the goals of the folks
> working on derivatives related stuff, we would love to have more folks
> involved in that.
> http://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives
> http://wiki.debian.org/DerivativesFrontDesk
> If you would like to help out with that, we could definitely use some
> new people. 

;-) And I did a little contribution already by initiating

> For a concrete way to help, you could summarise the recent
> thread we had about upsides/downsides of contributing back to Debian
> and add that to our FAQ.

Yeah -- I could do many things... if only I had more time to spare for
even more "concrete" things

Seriously though -- I actually thought that we had such a summary
page... but I guess we don't or I cant find what I had in mind.
/MergeDerivedDistributions DEX etc concentrate on making bridges with
derivatives projects, not really outlining benefits of working
within Debian.  If there indeed no such page exists (anyone please
correct me!) then indeed it would be nice to initiate it.

But also there are few outstanding technical and social aspects to be
resolved to make it for others to simply prefer joining Debian project
instead of crafting their own derivative:


- a matter of being a soldier in the army or a general of your own

  names of particular Debian developers (besides the DPL or at
  important positions "in the chain of command" or Joey and Bdale
  because they are cool) aren't really floating in the news; where
  derivatives' leaders are more visible/known.

  (I am not jealous and whining -- I am just stating my observation
   e.g. from listening various podcasts etc -- unpersonalized 
   "Debian folks in kilts" is the most common reference people use)

- visibility:

  derivatives have their own releases that is why more "PR", discussion,

  I already once suggested (yes -- just suggested, not implemented)
  to make leading Debian page concisely present (nearly) all Debian
  sub-projects, so any new comer can immediately see what "universal"
  really means; and then respective sub-project team could proudly see
  his project (even if it is just a little icon) on the main debian

 more ideas to address those above... ?

- Debian PPAs, WiP IIRC

  - ideally should provide not only a repository but additional services
    mimicing what Debian proper has: snapshotting, multi-arch building,
    automated QAs (even rebuilds if the base Debian release is specified),
    may be even mirroring, etc

- Debian installer awareness 
   e.g. I would have been really happy if any new user installing Debian
   would get to the dialog where he is provided with a choice for
   additional repositories/customizations, e.g.

    NeuroDebian - up-to-date scientific software for neuroscience

   which would have added source.list.d/ entry for our repository, installed
   neurodebian-keyring and neurodebian-desktop (and similar actions for other such
   subprojects which would provide customizations in their flavor-XXX

   and possibly even went a bit further and provided few dialog options
   for customization we ask our users who install NeuroDebian VM:

  yes -- it could be done... and yes -- it is again just a matter of
  available time and interest of others

oops... sorry for not being concrete -- I got unleashed ;)

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