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Re: Questions about Debian materials/topics for NorthEastLinuxFest

Hi Luca,

It seems I have forgotten to thank you -- Thank you! ;)

> If you drop debian-publicity@ (but you should not, Events stuff are
> discussed there), please Cc: me, I am not subscribed to debian-project@.

So I kept publicity and project in addresses for now

> I added it to the Events page, it will be visible in the next hours:

Thanks again

> > Unfortunately I have not heard yet from anyone interested to join me at
> > the meeting (and possibly help at the table) thus keeping debian-project
> > in CC.  I would be grateful for a helping hand/head!
> Please note that debian-project@ is not the "correct" mailing list to
> ask for event participation.  This should happen on the debian-events-*
> mailing list and for North America there is already one (Cc:ed):

Thanks for forwarding the reply, unfortunately it was not yet fruitful
there either ;)

> >  "A derivative might be an inferior answer":
> >  Debian is a "universal" platform in that it provides infrastructure to
> >  facilitate development toward any field of endeavor.  Debian
> >  sub-projects, blends, mentor/sponsorship flows allow ANYONE to get
> >  involved in the project to achieve their accessibility goal while
> >  benefiting from existing infrastructure, community and reach of
> >  Debian.
> I think Zack's graph illustrates your reply quite clearly:
>   <http://gitorious.org/zacchiro/talks/blobs/master/2011/201101-lca/main.tex#line409>
>   <http://gitorious.org/zacchiro/talks/blobs/master/images/distro-ecosystem-new.pdf>

It is nice indeed but not quite the message I wanted to deliver...

I had more of


in mind ;)   Having hundreds of nice derivatives with a well setup
workflow Zack illustrated is nice, BUT it is inferior imho to simply
having those efforts within Debian proper in various regards.  Yes -- we
could offer more for such customized solutions which require a
derivative now, e.g. extended flavors exposed within official debian
installer, but we also have already working solutions (e.g. blends)
for a field-specific representation of Debian.

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