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Hi Francesca,

sorry to come without invitation in your life !

New on the debian-l10n-french@lists.debian.org, cause feel it's time now to give away some for what received from the Community last 6 years IIRC of dates, I have read the weekly news mentionned as object of this mail, and can't believe what have seen : give to Debian a $Bn value ???

I only see 2 alternatives :
*1/ a joke, so someone have to wait till the 1st of April,
*2/ not a joke, so like to say the following, to convince to erase this article, as asked before by David Prévot - you mentionned him in :
-and he invited me to write these lines to you, when he read from me this morning, something like :

"What is this mania which have some to always give a monetary value to everything? The author of this article, decides on salary for hundreds (thousands) of human beings who "perspire" on their keyboards after work ? In fact, this man, against the advice of the volunteers - who get involved for free in the Community, and thus demonetize their actions - comes to decide on their salary ? Even more, if possible, against the advice of universities and others which put of the equipment and premises, free of charge, this man comes to decide on the prices for the equipment and the rentals ???"

As an humble member of the Debian users, as a free man, watch this article on line seems like, hmm ;-) really depreciate our good OS.

Please put it out !


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