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Re: Debian News android app

Hello Francesca and thanks for contacting us.

We are really happy to see that someone from the Debian Project itself likes our application!

About the permissions, Debian News is a free ad-supported application and the READ PHONE STATE permission is required by the advertising companies and not by the application itself. We made sure to include as few permission requirements as possible but unfortunately READ PHONE STATE is mandatory for the ad companies we chose.

About the feeds you ask us to include, we made some tests and it seems that we can add both of them in the next application update which I hope will happen shortly!

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
PineNuts Devs

Il giorno 06 febbraio 2012 13:56, Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@debian.org> ha scritto:

[cc-ed: Debian publicity mailing list]

I'm Francesca, member of the Debian Publicity team.
I just tried your Debian-related news feed reader for Android [1] and
it seems really useful, thanks for creating it!
(Even if I don't understand why it asks permissions to read the state of
the phone, but I'm too lazy to dig into the code to figure it out ;) )

I'd just like to ask you to add to the feeds one for the #Debian
Identi.ca hashtag: you already have one for the Twitter one, but as
Debian official account is on Identi.ca (the one on twitter just repeat
messages from the identi.ca one) it seems appropriate to show also
updates from the identi.ca Debian community.
There's also a separate DPN (Debian Project News, our newsletter) feed:
you can find it here [2].


[2] http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/dwn.en.rdf
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