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Re: Debian Project News - January 9th, 2012


Tanguy Ortolo wrote:
> > New Debian Contributors
> > -----------------------
> > 	
> > Fifteen people have started to maintain packages [55] since the previous
> > issue of the Debian Project News. Please welcome Werner Detter, Fredrik
> > Thulin, Eleanor Chen, Sergiusz Pawlowicz, Brian Thomason, Mike Gabriel,
> > Ko van der Sloot, Paul Boddie, Mark Vejvoda, Patrick Ulbrich, Lucia
> > Prado, Jon Ludlam, Kamil Ignacak, Mike McClurg, and Leo Iannacone into
> > our project!
> > 
> >    55 : http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/new-maintainers.cgi
> Looks like a piece of information did not reach you. Perhaps for the
> next issue of the DPN: there are also news DDs, at least one for what I
> know, myself. :-)

Actually this is the point where _I_ have belly aches with the "New
Contributors" section of the DPN. (See the other recent thread about
this DPN section.)

When I first noticicing this section I guessed that these are all new
DDs. I think the phrase "welcome into our project" is quite ambiguous
and "new maintainers" is also ambiguous in some way (New DMs? First
time packagers? New in NM? -- Ok, that's New Member now, but that
still doesn't make it unambiguous. :-)

While I do think that it's nice to welcome also first time
contributors, I think it's more important to mention people who
managed to become DD since the last DPN. I still regard becoming an DD
as quite an achievement in a Linux/FLOSS Geek's life.

So I suggest to split this section up a little bit into more
differentiated subsections, maybe called "First time contributors",
"New in NM", "New DMs" and "Freshly-baked DDs" or so.

		Regards, Axel
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