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How to track non-uploader contibutions? [was: "welcome" part in DPN]

On Mon, 19 Dec 2011 13:57:37 +0100, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> My biggest
> point here is either you welcome all kind of contributions or you don't
> welcome any and just save it for people becoming project members.

I thought a little bit about it and I think that we could at least try to
elaborate a poc on how to track non-uploader's contributions, in order to
finally welcome them as well (and probably to have a more accurate view
of the Debian project).

First of all: who are the non-uploading contributors?
I can think mostly (yes, I'm biased here) of translators, but there are
at least also documentation writers, artists (web/graphic designers), ...
(help me here, I'm sure there are others!).

So, I think there could be some methods to actually track at least
translators contributions (hence debian-i18n cc-ed).
AFAIK there are five main things a translator could do in Debian:

1. translation of po strings 
2. translation of web site (and dpn)
3. translation of descriptions of packages
4. translation of wiki.debian.org
5. translation of debian manuals

All these contributions are coordinated by the l10n-$language team, often
through a team coordinator. As not all of these translation works are
version-controled we can't simply check for who make the commit, also
because it's quite common for the coordinator of the team to commit
contributions from other members.
In some cases, i.e. DDTSS, there's also the possibility to contribute
anonymously which is great for privacy but don't help with statistics ;).

So, summarizing:

1. translation of po strings → this is easy: the translator's name is
provided in the xx.po file, which is send as patch (with tag l10n) to the

2. DPN, website → DPN keep tracks of translators with a specific tag,
website do a similar thing, providing a "maintainer" field for translated

3. DDTSS → *this* is difficult. Here anonymous submit are allowed.

4. wiki.d.o → usually in order to translate it you need to create a new
page named LANG/$pagename, so we could found easily who translate what :) 

5. translation of debian manuals (and release notes): here is usually
present the name of the translator.

So, I think that we can mostly track the activities of translators,
hopefully automagically. Maybe with some scripts for data mining on BTS,
webwml, manuals, recent changes page on the wiki.

What do you think about it?

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