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Re: Debian's infographic v. 0.8


2011/12/27 Martin Bagge / brother <martin@bagge.nu>:
>> Already finished in spanish and portuguese. English, tomorrow i publish.
> maybe you can ask the debian-l10n-english folks for a review of the English
> wordings? I saw an earlier versions and noticed some minor things but giving
> that I am not a native speaker there might be more =)

In true, we have some members of the debian-l10n-pt-br team that are
helping in this work. How my first language is portuguese, followed of
spanish, i start in english and I ask for help in revision of "good
guys" in english to complete the task.

But more that it, i reorganized all schemes, creating a CSV file to
get more easy the translation for other languages too. I participated
in translation of many softwares to pt-BR, like OOo/LibO, Mozilla and
others, each with its translation mode, but i never saw a way to
generate po files from a SVG. :-)

And yet, i need create a dedicated page for this project, if more
people have interesting in colaborate.


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