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Re: Debian's infographic

On 12/27/11 7:32 PM, Claudio Filho wrote:

> I think that this replacement is while we haven't a AOOo finished to
> build. Here, in Brazil, we have some people really interested in help
> the AOOo and its builds in Debian.

Dear Claudio, it is not about your preferences, which are for anything
against TDF, but about the truth, i.e. Debian is using LibreOffice and
not OpenOffice.

I do not think that this is the right place for personal agendas.

> And if depend on me, continues the seagulls. I really believe that
> have space in my infographic for good projects.

I do not think that your words need additional comments. If Debian has
switched to LibreOffice, I think that this is a demonstration of the
viability of the project.

Again, if you have your personal agenda against TDF and LibreOffice, I
do not think that the Debian project - and in general free software
projects - are the best place for personal agendas.

Best regards.

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