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Re: Flyer 18th Debian Celebrating - 16/08

Le 2011-08-16 00:14, Valessio S Brito a écrit :
I agree with the change. But I need help with my English. You could tell how the final draft would be?

Thanks for the help.

Citando Filipus Klutiero <chealer@gmail.com>:

I forgot to say - rather than numbers, I would put emphasis on the fact that Debian is entirely free.

OK. I assumed that you wrote the text yourself based on various sources and revised some numbers. Assuming the number of architectures came from last year's flyer, it needs to be updated, as squeeze was released, so I'm changing to 9 architectures as the release notes say. I'm changing to 50 GB per the mirror size for i386, although this is not exact as i386 is just one architecture. I'm changing the number of packages to a number of source packages (the release notes say over 14500).
I suggest:

18 years after its creation, the Debian project and its thousands of contributors around the world offer a mature operating system with more than 10000 completely free packages available, supporting a wide variety of platforms (9 architectures)

Feel free to restore the information on space if there's room for it...

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