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Re: Need your help for DebConf: Please summarise your session

Hi Dustin,

Am 18.07.2011 15:32, schrieb Dustin Kirkland:

>> I'm a member of Debian's Publicity Team and ask for your help for the
>> coming Debian Conference.  At the past DebConf we sametimes faced the
>> problem, that during a talk something got "announced accidentally" without
>> proper announcement.  We'd like to prevent that for the coming conference
>> and therefore contact you, as you registered a session titled
>> "dotdee".
> Sorry, I was not able to attend Debconf, so my BoF did not happen.

Don't worry, DebConf is just about to start in about a week.  So you
haven't missed anything, yet, and still could attend, if you like ;)

However, if it's impossible for you to attend, you could ask the talks
committee to drop your session from the schedule.

Best regards,

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