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Re: [Debconf-team] List of Talks, speakers and their E-Mail adress? / other stuff


Am 18.07.2011 09:58, schrieb Alexander Reichle-Schmehl:

>>> For that we would need a list of all Talks / Sessions, their speakers
>>> and their E-Mail addresses.  I found part of the data at [1], but that
>>> doesn't include any contact details.  So could you create such a list
>>> for us?  (Or a list of all speakers and their e-mail Address.)
>> Sent to you off-list.
> Thanks!

FYI:  I just send mail to all speakers and submitters of BoF sessions.
The BoF's got asked to send us a small summary of their BoF afterwards,
the speakers got asked to contact us, should they announce anything (or
are not sure).  Some got the mail twice (as they where listed as speaker
and submitter in the list I got which I didn't noticed before), and my
ugly scripts didn't liked people with special characters in their names,
but in the end everyone got his mail at least once ;)

Let's see how well that works :)

Best regards,

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