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List of Talks, speakers and their E-Mail adress? / other stuff

[ resend with correct e-mail address; sorry if you get it twice ]


To prevent some unforseen surprises for the publicity during the coming
DebConf (e.g. some team announcing something during their talk and us
needing to write an announcement on a short hand notice at best), we
thought it might be a good idea to write to all speakers, asking them
(in private) what they plan during their talk, and if that might lead to
some announcement / press activity later.

For that we would need a list of all Talks / Sessions, their speakers
and their E-Mail addresses.  I found part of the data at [1], but that
doesn't include any contact details.  So could you create such a list
for us?  (Or a list of all speakers and their e-mail Address.)

Of course we'll protect the speakers privacy, won't publish their data,
and not publish anything on a public mailing list.

BTW:  We are also thinking about collecting some information on what was
done during DebCamp from the various teams present there.  E.g. one
paragraph describing what they archived during DebCamp from each team,
and then see, what might be noteworthy in a "DebConf 11 was a great
success" announcement later (of course we'd share that data for you;
might also be useful for your final report).

However, we are not sure how to do that best.  AFAIK there's no list of
teams present, and a single mail on the debconf-announce /
debconf-discuss list would probably not being noticed.  So if you have a
good idea, how we could do that, we are eager to listen.  (Best idea I
had would be to spam (nearly) all lists on alioth... But I guess not all
teams we reach through that will be active and present at DebCamp.)

So, some final questions, which might be easier to answer:

1. Is there already a wiki page / document / whatever where users can
find details about video streams, irc channels, etc.?  Are channel names
/ URLs already known?

2. Last year there was an (unofficial) web 2.0 thingy combining the
video streams, schedule, irc chats, etc.  Was quite easy to use.  Will
there be something similar and may we add it to announcements? (We can
call if beta test or something like that, if you wouldn't like it to
sound official.)

3. Is there anything else the publicity team can do for you?

Best regards,

  1: https://penta.debconf.org/penta/xml/schedule/5?language=en

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