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Re: Request for review and translations

Hi Justin

Justin B Rye @ 23/06/11 13:33:
> Meike Reichle wrote:
>> there is a new announcement in the publicity svn at
>> svn.debian.org/svn/publicity/announcements/en/2011 that is ready for
>> reviews and (later on) translations.
>> If you do not have access to the svn here is the web-accessible repo:
>> http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/publicity/announcements/en/2011
> Which one?  I was assuming you meant 2011-06-22-libreoffice.wml, since
> that was the latest new addition visible on viewvc, but today I see a
> 2011-06-26-point-release.wml has appeared as well.

Sorry about that confusion. I was referring to libreoffice announcement, I
didn't expect the point release announcement to show up that shortly after
my mail.

> It contains the paragraph:
>  <p>New CD and DVD images containing updated packages and the regular
>  installation media accompanied with the package archive respectively will
>  be available soon at the regular locations.</p>
> Can I please beg you (and any other Germans reading this) never to use
> the word "respectively"?  Any sentence where you feel it ought to be
> added either doesn't need it or should probably be rephrased to avoid
> it.  In this case I genuinely cannot tell what you're trying to say,
> so I'm going to have to trim it to something intelligible:
>  <p>New installation media and CD and DVD images containing updated packages
>  will be available soon at the regular locations.</p>
> (We don't offer any media that are "accompanied with the package
> archive", so I've just thrown that phrase out.)

Uhm, I am not sure who actually wrote that (and must say, even with a
solid background in Germish I cannot really parse it either :)). So I'll
leave this to the author and set a mental not never ever to use
respectively again ;)


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