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new hardware support: calling for testing

In http://raphaelhertzog.com/2011/06/10/people-behind-debian-philipp-kern/, Philipp wrote:
> This kind of flag point release is thankfully no longer needed because
> our marvellous kernel team now backports certain hardware drivers to
> the kernel version in stable.  They have some trouble soliciting test
> feedback for them, though. It would be cool if more people using
> stable could respond to their calls for testing.

Reading the above, I've realized that I've seen one such call for
testing only once, recently, on Ben's blog [1]. Maybe it's just me and
you are already reaching out to users via debian-user or the like (I
haven't checked). But I think it would be appropriate to use debian-news
for such important calls. No matter how popular Planet is, it tends to
be very volatile and not necessarily followed by the kind of public that
might help here.

If someone could draft a -news text out of [1], the -publicity team
could then push it forward. For -publicity, that announcement could also
be an occasion to let our users know the way new hw is supported in
Debian, for those who have memories of the "and a half" thingie. (I, for
one thing, get asked periodically about that.)

Thanks for considering,

[1] http://womble.decadent.org.uk/blog/testing-new-hardware-support-for-debian-602.html
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