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Reviews needed: New IRC Training Sessions announcement

Hi there,
I've just finish a first draft for the announcement about a new round of
IRC Training Sessions: it'd be great if someone could review it and send
it out on relevant channel (mailing list and site), as the first session
is scheduled for Friday 10th June at 19:00.



<h2>New round of Debian IRC Training Sessions<h2>

<p>The Debian project is pleased to announce the forthcoming start of a
new round of IRC Training Sessions, which will be held on IRC by
experienced community members.
There will be two different series of sessions:</p>
<li><q>Ask the ...</q>, regarding organization and structure of the
Debian project, will consists in a talk delivered by people who have a
specific role into the Debian organization, to take a closer look to the
Debian infrastructure and constitution, and a Q&A part.</li>
<li><q>One day with ...</q>, a more technical session, during which
people from various core and important Debian Teams will talk about their
packages, daily job and specific issues.</li>
<p>First session, scheduled for Friday 10th June at 19:00 UTC, will be
"Ask the DPL": Stefano Zacchiroli, current Debian Project Leader, will
talk us about what exactly DPL does, accordingly with constitution,
folklore and personal experience.
Future sessions will be held on a regular basis, and will regard various
aspects of Debian organization and different teams.
Please visit the official <a href="">wiki page</a> regularly to check
the up-to-date agenda and follow <a href="">our group</a> on identi.ca.
You may also refer to the wiki to suggest new topics or sign up yourself
as a trainer: we are always looking for more people to share knowledge
and complete the schedule, so don't be shy!</p>


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