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Re: Debian Project News 2011/09 frozen. Please review and translate

On 2011-06-06 06:01, Justin B Rye wrote:
Filipus Klutiero wrote:
On 2011-06-05 18:33, David Prévot wrote:
So, it's time to update
the two hosts</a>.
The link on "for the two hosts" is weird.
It's a difficult one, given that we need two links but we don't want
to get bogged down in describing them (since the second is a
correction).  Maybe we could use
    So it's time for a<a href=".../msg00007.html">fingerprint</a>
    <a href=".../msg00008.html">update</a>  for the two hosts.

The formulation is also
odd. It sounds like all readers would need to upgrade fingerprints,
although presumably only a minority do.
I don't follow - do you mean because they've already done it, because
they'll never access both hosts, because there's some alternative way
of handling a host-side fingerprint change, or what?
Those are both good points, but I simply meant that from those reading Debian News, only a minority must have an account on Alioth. I for one didn't need to update anything.

Per Andersson and Hedvig Kamp wrote a series of article about Free
Software in general, and Debian in particular, in a Swedish newspaper,
Fria Tidningen.
No comma is needed before an "and".
It's legal, and, together with the one after "particular", marks the
phrase as an aside.
Yes. The role of creating a parenthesis may be clearer with dashes.
in the paper edition
there is also a big fat Debian Women logo
Let's avoid this poor formulation and replace with "a [very] large
logo of Debian Women".
Oops, yes.  How about "there is a great big Debian Women logo, too" to
maintain a similar informal tone?  (s/also/too/ because I've just
noticed there's another "also" in the same line.)
I don't see much need for an informal tone, but losing the "fat" is the important.

Thank you

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