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Re: Extending registration period


On Samstag, 7. Mai 2011, Adnan Hodzic wrote:
> After all it has been said and done I'm safe to say that we're
> extending the sponsored registration until 19th of this month.


> Today or tomorrow I'll write a blog post that we are extending the
> sponsored registration process and will write general information
> because I have a feeling people lack information. I'm going to let
> people know about everything, from sponsorships to how they'll get to
> Banja Luka as I have a feeling most people don't even know we're
> trying to have organized transport.
> Either way this will end up on planet.d.o and therefor will target
> right audience I'm unsure how far we should go with news and
> announcing that registrations are extended.

hello publicity@ :-)

IMHO the blog post should be done using the official debconf11 blog. 

more context:
> On Sat, May 7, 2011 at 1:31 PM, Moray Allan <moray@sermisy.org> wrote:
> > But yes, let's make an extension, because of your original request
> > (announcing in conferences) and also because of Holger's reasons:
> >> further thinking about the "last mile problem" (aka busses) and this led
> >> me to wonder whether it would be sensible to extend cfp, travel +
> >> food+accom sponsorship deadlines _all_ to May 19th.
> >> 
> >> and, if so, decide + _publish_ this fast and then soon after / even
> >> better at the same time improve+publish the bus information, ie the
> >> public bus tables from Zagreb (and elsewhere?) to Banja Luka plus a
> >> "holdable promise" of special shuttles (taxis?), ie one or two per day
> >> - except on maybe two days where we'll actually have busloads of
> >> arrivals.
> > 
> > Any announcements within Debian should of course emphasise that this
> > is a one-off extension (we can say, due to additional support from the
> > government), that won't lead to further extensions of deadlines this
> > year or in future years!


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