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Re: Debian Project presentation for government decision makers

On Mon, May 02, 2011 at 12:04:47PM -0400, tony baldwin wrote:
> > The incisive talks were *sharply focused* at  very specific target audiences at
> > Brazil and Latin America and contained localized subjects.
> > MAYBE could be reused/adapted to similar audiences at other countries.
> > Some content could be reused for private enterprises, as some needs, fears and
> > doubts have been seen at these too.
> > Having enough interest, I could translate the first pdf to english.
> Or you could send it to me (native English speaker and professional
> translator/interpreter of Portugese, Spanish and French, but no charge
> for FOSS projects, especially Debian stuff).

Thanks for your offer.

If you manage to produce a translation to English (or French, FWIW), by
all means let me know.  The topic threated is of clear interest for me
and future DPLs (although I can't yet comment on the usefulness of the
actual content, just because I haven't yet got a chance to see it).


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