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Re: Building packages from source tutorial - announcement RFC


Am 29.04.2011 17:55, schrieb Francesca Ciceri:

>> Thanks to Asheesh for some editing and generally friendlying the text.
>>  Here's an updated version, most probably the final version unless
>> anyone has any other comments.
>> I will need help with spreading this, so if anyone wants to try and do
>> some "outreach", it'd be great.
> Wow, the announcement is really good (IMO). Thank you (and Asheesh) for
> writing it!
> I've CC-ed -publicity in order to use their super-spread-powers and maybe make
> a press release of it: Alexander, is it possible?

Sure thing! But I'll leave that to Meike :)

>> *-*-*-*
>> Are you enthusiastic about Debian and thinking about contributing? We
>> want to teach you the basics.

Hmmm... For a formal announcement starting with the repeated we is a bit
strange, but for this invitation it's very good.

Best regards,

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