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Re: Bruce Byfield: Documentation and Free Software

Hi Stefano.

> Dear Andreas, thanks for sharing. I wonder however what is the point in
> you sharing such a quote with this list. The Internet is full of
> review-like articles, sometimes positives, sometimes negatives.

I do not consider this a review article. It is clearly an article on
documentation. I found the mentioning of the gdm3 configuration
interesting, though, because I had the same experience when I upgraded
one machine to squeeze a while ago.

> So, when sharing, can you please add a note on why you are doing
> that and what you think we should do with it? That would really help.

Sure: I thought it might be interesting for the Debian Project News, a)
because the Debian gdm3 is specifically mentioned, but, more
importantly, because Debian is a huge FOSS project with a lot of
documentation, but also quite a few with meager docs; but again, in some
cases, with man files generated for Debian where none existed before.
All in all I find this topic very important for Debian (and FOSS in
general). So I thought, other Debian people might also be interested.

> Additionally, in your only two posts to this list I could find, you seem
> to be fond of sharing with us mostly negative articles about Squeeze; is
> that a coincidence or is there a purpose in that we should understand?

Don't you think making up a trend out of 2 postings is a little strong? ;-)

I have been using Debian since 2000, with a short, hardware-caused
intermezzo some time around 2008. And Debian is definitely my favourite
distro. Also, while the article's general attitude was obviously
negative, I don't think my post was:

"Ljubuncic's negative conclusion is mainly based on two facts:
1st, squeeze doesn't have non-free hardware drivers - which has been
published, so is not unexpected; but it made him search the net for a
solution during his installation
2nd, the installation is not beginner-friendly, has too many options,
and, worst of all, didn't change since Debian 5.

He adds anecdotic proof against Debians acclaimed stability by saying he
had a kernel crash in Debian 5. Looks a bit like he is trying to decry
Debian; especially since he is proposing RedHat-based Scientific Linux
as alternative."
(self-quote, http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2011/03/msg00014.html)

Anecdotic proof is no proof. I used the word "decry" in my post.

And this was exactly why I posted the first time about this "review"
(looked rather like badmouthing to me):

"Well, just thought it might be interesting to other Debian people, and
may be someone is in the mood to invest the time for a public reply."
(self-quote, http://lists.debian.org/debian-publicity/2011/03/msg00014.html)

Best regards


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