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Announcement of 6.0.1a


Debian recently released a bug fix for Squeeze's first update --
6.0.1a [1]. However, it seems there is no (visible) information on
that, which I believe is wrong -- The Project should be more verbose
that 6.0.1 images are broken (hands up, who knew it?).

[1] http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/6.0.1a/

Yesterday we had in Poland one user, who downloaded whole DVD set and
was complaining that he can't install a system with it and Debian is a
piece of... well, you imagine what he said. We dug a little around
that, and discovered that 6.0.1 is indeed broken and he (and everyone
else who downloaded 6.0.1 already) should use 6.0.1a images instead.

I already published a news about 6.0.1a in our local media, and I
believe that The Project should do the same.

Paweł Sadkowski

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